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With over 10 years of experience, G-portal.de offers you only the best products!

The web interface controls the technology. Take care of your gaming!

Over 13 years of experience

13 years of experience in the game server business are based on the development of our web interface. We know exactly what the customer expects from a web interface to control the product and what he can do without.

This experience with a nearly year-long beta test us now led us to the point of being able to say that our new web interface meets all requirements and sets new trends.

The new web interface comes is used for the first time for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 as well as Teamspeak 3.

State of the art technology from A to Z

A Java-based Daemon allows us to deploy the system on every imaginable platform quickly and efficiently, which is particularly relevant for the hosting of games.

The Daemon has been designed with multiple redundancy features and can execute several tasks in parallel.

Games are updated, reinstalled, started and stopped on an ad-hoc basis and independently of each customer.

No more waiting times and limitations. In addition, games such as Minecraft have a console, which allows you to track the progress on the server at all times.

A backup of all files, your server is performed automatically every day and restoration points are created 365 days a year, which are freely selectable.

All this is offered at no extra cost and no prior knowledge is required. Our system performs this independently without you noticing anything.

In addition, you will always receive feedback in the case of updates and reinstallations. Progress bars of the individual processes show the current status of the work.

The available resources of the server, CPU, RAM, network bring more transparency in your product. The information is available in real time regardless of whether this is an EPS server of a normal game server.

G Portal helps you find solutions!

Best connectivity and Green IT

With our unique homogeneous Juniper solution, we guarantee the reliability within our network. With a 20Gbps non shared connection per rack we also offer the highest performance on the market.

Our efficient systems are operated exclusively with 100% eco power. A responsible use of energy is important to us.

More about our network technology and our commitment

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